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Angel's Stroke

Amagami dj - Hibiki Maniac, Asobi ni Iku yo! dj - Nekomimi Shibori, Infinite Stratos dj - Infinite Cecilia, Maria+Holic dj - Namadashi! Neon Genesis, Evangelion dj - Okuchi Shibori 2, Sekirei dj - Angel's Stroke 17 Love Love Bird

Adult, Anal, Big Breasts, Comedy, Compilation, Doujinshi, Gender Bender, Rape, Romance, Tentacles
Amagami dj., Infinite Stratos dj., Maria+Holic dj., Neon Genesis Evangelion dj., Sekirei dj., Asobi ni Ikuyo dj., Blow job, Creampie, Anthology

Angel's Stroke Hentai Summary

In the Angel's Stroke series:

V.06 - Code Geass - Shinsouban
V.09 - Dragonaut - Not Alone
V.10 - Nanoha - Shoot Down That Black Dragon
V.13 - Nanoha - Sekai wo Kirisaku Tenshi no Uta wo Kiku Nagara
V.15 - To Heart 2 - Tama Shibori
V.17 - Sekirei - Love Love Bird
V.19 - Zero no Tsukaima - Elf Shibori
V.22 - Nanoha - Datenshi Gekitsui
V.25 - Maria Holic - Namadashi!
V.27 - Sekirei - Bakunyuu Bird!
V.38 - Evangelion - Okuchi Shibori/Blowjobs
V.39 Kampfer - Nikushokukei Kanojo
V.40 - Amagami - Hibiki Maniac
V.44 - Seikon no Qwaser - King Size!
V.46 Highschool of the Dead - Back Squeeze - Busujima Senpai Apocalypse
V.48 - Asobi ni Iku yo! - Nekomimi Shibori
V.49 - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Is Oral Ok?
V.50 - Infinite Stratos - Infinite Charles-kun!
V.51 - Ga-Rei - Milk Girl
V.52 - Evangelion - Okuchi Shibori 2
V.53 - Infinite Stratos - Infinite Cecilia
V.59 - K-ON! - Namashokuyou Mio-chan!

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Angel's Stroke


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