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Hentai(ero manga) is the Japanese comics with a erotic, sexually explicit or pornographic story line and style. The Japanese seldom use the term hentai to refer to pornography in Japan. The genre includes a broad range of subjects. Here you will find hundreds of free english translated hentai scans to read online. Well, that's enough for description, please enjoy!

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The Idolm@ster dj - The Animal Master
The Idolm@ster dj - The Anima...
Not yet rated
Status: Completed Released: 2009
Read: 2,046 times this month.
Rank: 794rd
Author: MIZURYU Kei (Alice no Takarabako) Artist: MIZURYU Kei (Alice no Takarabako)
Genre(s): Adult, Big Breasts, Doujinshi, Rape, Serialized
Tag(s): The Idolm@sters dj., Idols, Blow job, Creampie
The Idolm@ster dj.
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