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Shoujo Muzan

少女無惨 ショウジョムザン, Girl Cruelty

Kawadi MAX
Kawadi MAX
Adult, Loli(Lolicon), Rape, Serialized
Gangbang, Blow job, Creampie, Gang Rape

Shoujo Muzan Hentai Summary

Girl Under Construction – Girl attempts to get construction site to close down so her grandpa can sleep. Ends up being gang-banged by construction crew.

Enslaved Friend – Girl enslaves her friend and pimps her out of jealousy for how nice she is.

Enslaved Friend 2 – Continuation, but now she feels kind of bad and attempts to stop the guys fucking her friend. This backfires and results in them both being raped.

A Girl Soaked in Semen – A stalker kidnaps a little girl he likes and rapes her. Involves her having 5 bottles of semen that he’s been saving up for 3 years pumped into her.

Chain of Punishment – A stepfather gang-rapes his step-daughter to enforce his authority after her mother dies.

Vase Girl – A girl’s flower arranging teacher uses her as a vase, for both flowers and his cock.

A Young Lady’s Gang-rape – A CEO’s daughter is kidnapped by workers fired after a restructuring as revenge. They videotape themselves raping her relentlessly.

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Shoujo Muzan


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