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Hitozuma Lovers

人妻ラヴァーズ, Hito-zuma Lovers, Hitoduma Lovers

YAMAMOTO Yoshifumi
YAMAMOTO Yoshifumi
Adult, Anal, Big Breasts, Incest, Romance, Serialized
Mother and Son, Blow job, Paizuri, Creampie, Older Female Younger Male, Housewife-Housewives, Bathroom Intercourse, Impregnation, Pregnancy, Porn with Plot

Hitozuma Lovers Hentai Summary

Young Aki is growing up; he's starting to notice how beautiful and sexy his mother is. But his mother still thinks of him as a child and doesn't hesitate to strip down in front of him before taking a shower. His mother leaves Aki is the care of their voluptuous neighbor, Miura. Aki is shocked when Miura offers to be his mother. She leads him into a strange yet wonderful world of pleasure--and then tells him her friends want to "mother" him as well!

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The series Hitozuma Lovers has been categorized as 'Adult', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers. So if you're under the legal age of 18, please go back.

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Hitozuma Lovers


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