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3 Angels Short

3 Angels Short Full Passion, 3 Angels Short: Full Passion

ASH Yokoshima
ASH Yokoshima
Adult, Anal, Futanari, Gender Bender, Lactation, Loli(Lolicon), Rape, Serialized, Yuri
Angels, Creampie, Dark Skin, Glasses, Threesome (MFF), Blow job, Foursome, Threesome (MMF), Double Penetration, School Girls, School Intercourse, Gang Rape, Teacher-Student Relationship, Rushed Ending/Axed

3 Angels Short Hentai Summary

In the 3 Angels Short series:

V.1 - 3 Angels Short
Ikeyama Takami-kun is 22 years old who is also a FIFTH year university student who lives under the heel of misfortune. As he was 'depressingly' masturbating to his OTAKU porn, a HOLY spaceship-rocket landed on his penis and that's when this unbelievable story begins.

Three (3) angels descended from the HEAVENS and promised the "miserable" Ikeyama-kun happiness. But Ikeyama-kun hates long hair. That's why he 'requested' that they have their cute long hair cut. And then Ikeyama-kun's happy life began. And they lived happily ever after! Or do they... ??

V.2 - Full Passion

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3 Angels Short


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